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Microsoft mouse, scrolling and Windows 7

Over the weekend I purchased a Microsoft Explorer Mini Mouse which touts the ability to work on any surface. So far I have been pretty impressed with it as the mouse has pretty much worked on every surface I have tried it with.

I picked up on a slight issue on my laptop running Windows 7 though, and thought I would post the details of the solution. After using it for a while I found that the scroll wheel was extremely unresponsive and at times I would have to really give the scroll wheel a spin before any motion was registered on the screen. Updating the scroll sensitivity didn’t change a thing. I was really disappointed and initially thought it was the mouse, however after thinking about it for a bit I considered that perhaps it had something to do with my spanking new OS. So off to Google it was and sure enough, I found a solution on Microsoft’s site. On their Windows 7 hardware support page you will find beta drivers for various hardware devices, including their Mice/Mouses… wow, which is correct? More here.